Short but large.

Several short notes about extremely important and powerful events.

Three cheers for the French electorate. Hooray and hooray again! Now if we can influence the Brit electorate to think again about Brexit. Leaving the EU with international corporations becoming more and more antigovernment in their ethic is like someone leaving a nice home to find their way in the world with a candy bar and $4.32 in their pocket. True, EU is having the same growing pains as everyone else but there is no better choice. Same goes for NATO, United Nations and other 20th century organizations – except the World Bank and the G7 Economic organization. What most will call income and jobs is a brand new phenomenon unlike anything in the 20th century.

Some psychological advice discovered by the mariner’s wife while cruising the internet: Depressed by the condition of your nation? Frantic? Left with no sense of future?

The solution is to accept the terrible conditions as fact. It is what it is. Stop magnifying anxiety by speculating. Instead, now that you’re dealing with reality, do something about it. There is a reason large numbers of people are protesting, writing their Congressmen, and joining political movements: This reality must be changed and the people are doing something about it. Replace your angst with action. You will have feelings of worthiness instead of helplessness.

Again, the soulless Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are pressing the FCC (now run by Donald puppets) to remove ISPs from Title II of FCC regulations. The FCC announced that it intends to honor ISP requests. The popular term for this is to overturn net neutrality – where no one has the right to interfere with the speed of service – to one where ISPs can charge you for faster service. In a year or two the Internet will be part of the effort to improve US infrastructure. Just as with highways and bridges, the Internet will be much faster and accessible to many more citizens. ISPs already know this and want to charge you for the new Internet speeds even though, under Title II, the Internet already is free to everyone – including you.

The only solution, and this is critical, is for all stripes of users, conservative to progressive, all sit at home and browse users, all students using the Internet, to WRITE AND CALL your Senators and your representative insisting on ‘net neutrality’. Otherwise, this is another issue that will render Congress impotent and simply let Donald’s crew have its way.

These are troubled times for our nation. A voter has more to do than vote – engage in your democratic right to fix things.

Ancient Mariner

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