Sea Change

Axios reported on some surveys of Generation Z, the young generation aged 18 – 29. The charts speak for themselves, showing a significant shift toward the Democratic Party:

Mariner often touts the theme of voting out of office anyone older than 55. These charts suggest that in about ten years there may be a new nation emerging that is focused on the issues of today and will have an awareness of how to manage society. Virtually every major personality in the political world is past, maybe really past, retirement age – including Donald.

What these old folks know about is the Cold War, competitive international trade, wars that use bullets, Adam Smith capitalism, Newt Gingrich competitive party politics, Reaganomics, and Jim Crow racial policies.

What they don’t know about is the negative effect of emerging oligarchy and plutocracy, team-based supply chains, wars without bullets, everything that has evolved with the Internet, national unity in politics, and a long list of social issues including racism, class stability in economics, true church versus state ideology, and the immediate importance of restoring the planet’s resources and ecosystems.

The future still seems scary to mariner but he’s past retirement, too; he was the new generation when Camelot came along.

Nevertheless, this seems like good news to share on this special holiday.

Ancient Mariner


2 thoughts on “Sea Change

  1. I hope these survey results are correct. The young people (18-29) I deal with in my classes are either apathetic or easily led by misinformation on social media. I fear for our Republic. Every now and then I find one who thinks independently and can see more of the whole picture through their own diligence at finding the truth.

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