Reliving your past

Regular readers will recall that mariner and his wife restored their attic, causing massive upheavals of where to store what, what to discard and other disruptive activities for relocating years of unremembered junk.

Add to this the fact that bedrooms and other facilities must be prepared for approaching family and friends visiting from all over the continent. In the midst of this, mariner decided to listen to his GOAT collection. GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time. He had set aside 100 pieces of music that had become his favorites over the decades; most were rock and roll, some classic moments and a potpourri of generic recordings primarily from the 1950’s, 60s and 70s, one album was from the 40s!

He listened without interruption as each song or instrumental played. After a significant number of songs had played, he began to realize that each song was a key to a buried vault that still contained a genuine moment in life – the event and its emotion was retained in a pure state without the abrasions of time and memory loss.

Does the reader remember their first crush and that special song? Many GOAT songs provoked melancholy about good times – and the good times reoccurred without distortion. Many songs were just a joyful appreciation of good arrangements and favored artists; mariner enjoys any song sung by Fats Domino. Some had moments of genuine admiration for the talent; Michael Crawford in the Phantom of the Opera. Some were moments of celebration; Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary with Mary singing over the top in the climax of ‘Day is Done’. Some songs provided unique insight; mariner had a strange comprehension of eternity when he listened to ‘Ghost Riders in the Skies’ by Frankie Lane. There was one song that opened the vault containing feelings about his mother.

Once your brain realizes that it is wandering in ancient vaults, whole sections of life escape into the conscious mind: great beach parties, winning jitterbug contests, marrying your spouse, playing touch football at an ice skating rink (and being tossed out), and the good old days of football.

So mariner recommends that everyone take a quiet moment somewhere and relive their life – as it really was – by listening to your GOAT.

Ancient Mariner


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  1. What a splendid idea. It’s really amazing how music can affect us. There are pieces that can almost always bring tears to my eyes (Beethoven’s 9th, Hail the Conquering Hero, and, for some unknown reason, The Rose of Tralee.) Johnny Horton singing The Battle of New Orleans bring back memories of working in the Anthropology Lab at the Univ. of Florida and some song about I’ve got love in my tummy reminds me of the summer I spent at the Univ. of North Dakota and got sick one night – “something rotten in my tummy.” Thanks for your post.

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