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The mariner has a working career that spans both corporate and government management. There is a distinct difference. Most notable is that corporate culture is measured solely by the ratio between cost and income, namely, profit; the greater the profit, the more successful the corporation. The antithesis is lack of control over process.

As to government, its culture is measured by how safe, economically sound and fair, and – an aspect easily overlooked – how well the government supports the general culture in a way that allows its citizens open expression and a sense of achievement. The citizen is the product. The antithesis is ill fitting ideologies like oppressive capitalism, plutocracies, suppressive policies, democratic imbalance and disregard for the Constitution (racism et al).

Also, a distinct difference between corporate and government management is the attitude of managers. Corporate managers are hired and rewarded for things like control, efficiency, accuracy, and predictability. Government managers are rewarded for sustaining rational public policy while at the same time allowing flexibility and transition as various politicians hold sway over general public policy.

Whereas a corporation has a Chairman of the Board, Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and independent divisions for operations, material management and product development, governments have publicly elected Presidents, Governors, cabinet members overseeing public policy in associated departments, publicly elected legislators, and courts. Should Donald be elected, this difference will be obvious.

Donald has run his campaign for nomination as a business entrepreneur would: He has ignored policy protocol, particularly those relating to race, international relations, military circumstances, and even republican/democratic ideologies. The important issue is votes in a republican primary. Donald intuited that sufficient dissatisfied republican voters have been cut out of their party by those who continued to garner wealth – making the Republican Party a good ol’ boys club for rich folks. With the aid of Citizens United, plutocracy has taken over. This separation between party establishment and citizen is the only important issue to Donald during the primaries. Notice (the mariner is sure you have) that Donald did not respect the premise that a candidate should not insult a voter but rather appeal to arguable precepts that may appeal to that voter. Donald need only count on his fingers to estimate that the number of disenfranchised republicans was large enough to carry a plurality in republican voting and of an ilk to vote for outside restructuring of a do nothing Congress. Foregoing an accounting of the primaries, it may be of interest to see how Donald will manage the republican leadership team in an effort to parlay the republican plurality into a general election majority and an Electoral College victory.

Donald will not stand at the center of public policy, leading the charge of change like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Donald will be at the center of power. Donald will not bother himself with lesser tasks like Constitutional law or civil rights or union issues or religious conflicts or pipelines versus green house policy or discretionary governance. Donald will control the reconciliations of these issues once a solution has been proposed. Donald will accept reconciliations if he approves of them – else negotiations and solutions simply will not be enacted.  Despite Donald’s readiness to distribute managerial authority for all items that cross his desk, the final resolution must fit his vision. His knowledge base will create a much different economy, a new international isolationist relationship, and a harsher interpretation of humanism. Donald will behave as though people are more trouble than they are worth. The problem with government is it lets the citizens get in the way.  There’s room only for one vote around here: Donald’s.


Apologies about the lapse in posts. Life has many distracting turns. At this point of the Presidential campaigns, it may be helpful to refocus your thoughts to higher levels of vision than offered by the news media. Either view on Netflix, rent the movie, watch on Youtube, however the reader can accomplish it, watch the following in its entirety: Surviving Progress 

Ancient Mariner

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