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The Mariner began adding references until it became out of hand. This post is all reference section!


If you haven’t become a David Baldacci reader, you may be missing an excellent writer of mysteries. Most renown currently is his Wil Robie series, now in its fourth edition. Start with the first in the series, The Innocent, followed by The Hit, The Target and The Guilty. A prolific writer, Baldacci has several published series. Visit his website at:

Barnes and Noble also carries the series at inexpensive prices – or visit your library.

Traditional approaches to dieting, e.g., tracking carbohydrates, glycemic index and calories do not, by a significant difference, accurately reflect how each individual’s blood sugar rises after eating. Further, some folks can imbibe chocolate and alcohol with little change in sugar levels. Doctors Eran Elinav and Eran Segal from the Weizmann Institute of Science created a formula based on “postprandial glycemic responses” or PPGR (during or relating to the eating of food). The PPGR algorithm was more accurate in calculating individual responses to spikes in blood sugar. See:

A must see news program is Fareed Zakarias’ weekly show on CNN from Sunday, November 22. It is an analysis of the terrorist issue in the news with no political spin and no pundits full of trite phrases. Worth watching for this if nothing else. After Sunday, November 29, see:

Study: Fracking industry wells are associated with premature birth and having high-risk pregnancies. New research From Johns Hopkins School of Public Health suggests an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes closer to active unconventional natural gas wells. See:

Liberal Arts activity – Have you written your haiku poem yet? Don’t know what haiku is? From October 12:

Exercise your mind:

A different form of poetry is Haiku, a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Some think writing Haiku is similar to solving a three-dimensional crossword puzzle but with nuance. Try writing your own. Sample:

New moon on the lake.

Your voice and the nightingale

serenade springtime.


Full moon on the lake.

Your voice and the waterbirds

celebrate summer.

To which the mariner’s wife responded:

Ancient Mariner:

Your voice and the canary

Foretell disaster.

Anyone who is a gardener or just appreciates the plant kingdom, know that cybernetics has arrived in the kingdom. Visit “Cyborg Roses Wired with Self-Growing Circuits” at:

Ancient Mariner

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