It is voting time

The last several posts on philosophical subjects largely were provided by alter ego Guru. If nothing else remember the core issue: if the postulations of campaign ads aren’t present in your personal reality zones, be critical of their truths – conservative or liberal; don’t let your emotions drive your decisions, use existential reality.

But now the time for pondering is over. It is judgment time. It is important to separate local issues and experiences from the flamboyant pontification of nationally promoted campaign ads. Democracy works best from the bottom up: local needs elect local representatives, regional needs elect regional representatives, national needs elect national representatives.

Top down, nationally funded ads are an example of data popping up in the wrong zone. It is the voter’s own reality that is the foundation of decision making. One obvious example is the argument that police forces will disappear. Republican or democrat, this is an absurdity.

The reader should look at their own neighborhood looking for signs of satisfaction or need. What are the local hot topics? What represents the good life? These perspectives are the decision makers, not television ads or social media garbage.

Top down campaign funding produces ads similar to “Uncle Sam Needs You!” an ad for raising an army in the Second World War. If the reader wants to join an army, so be it but consider the neighborhood folks; what would an army do to them?

Vote for adult personalities. Shy from flamboyant candidates. Give credence to evidence of compassion and ethical objectives.

Mariner’s personal prejudices are: don’t vote for anyone over age 55 and don’t vote for candidates entering the race without local and regional political experience.

The universal mandate is VOTE!

Ancient Mariner

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