֎ The rising tide of white nationalist violence is in the spotlight in the 2020 presidential race, reports The Washington Post. “I think that’s what the crux of this campaign is going to be about,” said House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.). Over the weekend, Trump gave a full-throated condemnation of anti-Semitism following a deadly shooting at a synagogue north of San Diego. And days earlier, Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign with a video attacking Trump’s response to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville — comments which the president quickly doubled down on. Some GOP strategists, however, think the issue could be a real weak spot for Trump, who has come under scrutiny for his rhetoric around white nationalism.[Politico]

 This is tied to immigration policy as well. Mariner believes that worldwide migration will continue to become worse as economies and climates bifurcate into have and have-not. Racism is an obvious defense for those on the margins, for example Donald’s base. Most western nations that are large enough are experiencing the same impact; nationalist parties are gaining political clout. At the moment mariner sees two alternatives: develop an economy that absorbs (needs) more population or develop an economic policy somewhat similar to China’s which is to invest heavily in nations with weak GDP thereby easing emigration (and fostering economic dependence on China).

For the US, with its fragile concepts of freedom and equality, racism translates into identity politics which is highly volatile and destructive; just ask Russia.

Perhaps the ideas about infrastructure may provide an economic boost – hampered only by indebtedness imposed by the last Congress and a severely imbalanced tax system. But infrastructure may be little more than an offset to job loss caused by automation. In short, living today is a lot like watching storm clouds approaching.

Ancient Mariner

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