How to Restore a Balanced and Fair Economy

Over several posts, the mariner has described how dangerous the imbalance of wealth has become because of little or no participation in the growth of profits by middle and lower class workers.

What changes will correct this situation?

One- Elect democrats. The mariner is neither a democrat nor a republican but unity of principle is required. Elect them at all levels of government. There are two reasons for using the Democratic Party: As a rule, democrats are not hoarders by nature. Even the wealthier democrats are sensitive to the state of affairs and believe in doing something about unfairness in the society; conversely, most republicans are hoarders of money and believe if the rich have enough cash, eventually some will trickle down to those other people. This belief is what is causing the imbalance of the economic society today.

The second reason is that the entire government, all the legislatures, all the governors and mayors, all the judges and the President must be in unity to create a change to the economic culture – a moment of chaos, as I have used the word in other posts.

Two- Reestablish the Banking Act of 1933, which in essence separated commercial banks from investment banks and imposed regulations on activities banks could pursue.

Three- Standardize by Federal law all election procedures, including Federal State, and Local elections. Remove abusive, unfair registration requirements that are used to suppress some citizens their right to vote.

Four- Standardize by law that every Commission on Redistricting is occupied by unelected individuals appointed by the highest court applicable, with equal numbers of the two largest parties represented. Include guidelines that deny separated areas for a single district, and populate the districts in reasonable fashion with an attempt to represent the average racial representation.

Five- Standardize by law that any individual campaigning for public office can raise funds only from within the applicable territory covered by the elected position. Make PACS and SUPER PACS illegal.

Six- Create term limits for public office. The primary reason for this change is not to turn over the elected quickly enough to prevent a lifetime in office but to have legislators who are of an age that understand the current culture. The mariner thinks more in terms of an upper age limit than a given number of terms.

Seven- Overthrow the Supreme Court’s opinion that money can vote.

Eight- Pass legislation that tightens significantly and increases the penalty for elected officials who receive gifts of any nature, whether based on assets, post term favors, or by which the elected official may gain personal advantage.

Nine- Eliminate all right to work laws and permit only union or employee owned business practices. Taxable income for stock and bond investments is taxed at graduated levels as investment income increases.

Ten- Reestablish 401k or retirement benefits in every licensed business.

Yes, it is a tall order, especially now that conservative capitalists tightly control the economy. Even one of the ten items will make a difference; two would make a significant difference. The citizenry should tackle them one at a time. The more items that are achieved, the easier and faster the next item can be achieved.

In case anyone wants to call these ten items socialism or communism, he or she is mistaken. The capitalist system is retained but shares its profits more equitably.

Ancient Mariner

1 thought on “How to Restore a Balanced and Fair Economy

  1. Yea, verily brother…

    Reading your posts and observations remind me of a situation I experienced last year…..

    The comedian and liberal talk show host, Bill Maher came to Baltimore for a show last year. When I saw that there were no empty seats in the theater, I said to my wife, ” I can’t believe there are this many people who think like me….”

    You only hear from the conservative leaning crowd….

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