Happy Compassion Day aka Mothers Day

This from Scott Simon at NPR:

A video for you: Derek Rodriguez, a 9-year-old Yankees fan, went to a game in Toronto’s Rogers Centre (yes, that’s how they spell it), where his hero Aaron Judge stroked a homer into the left-centre seats. It was caught by Blue Jay’s fan Mike Lanzillotta — who gave the ball to the visiting little boy. Canadian grace exemplified. See Derek’s thanks.


And each Mother’s Day, I am reminded of the wise advice that my own late mother passed on by example: Write “thank you” notes. Tip well. Sing. Drink responsibly. Remember that good manners cost nothing, and open doors. Reach out to someone who is lonely. Make them laugh. Help people smile.

If everyone, rich, poor, young, old, politician, citizen, conservative, and liberal could bring themselves to just follow this simple advice as an ongoing habit, as Louis Armstrong would say, what a wonderful world.

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Thank goodness for mothers. It is a great advantage for every mammalian species. Mothers civilize; Mothers have empathy and compassion; Mothers sustain everyone through the travails of life. It has been a speculation through the ages that if ever humanity loses its bisexuality, it is the mother who will survive.

Happy Mothers Day.

Ancient Mariner

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