God’s Christmas Garden Redux

Such a noise! Mariner is accused of intended obfuscation. Apparently, today’s readers do not need a theistic justification for the powerful mandates of the universe. Nevertheless, mariner used the logic model of theology, dogma and ritual to link the unavoidable influences of evolution and environmental dependency to our indifferent acceptance of history.

As reparation, mariner provides a series of statements that make the intended points of the post.

  • Change will always exist and will occur in ways that may not be expected.
  • Evolution is a phenomenon of the universe beyond our control.
  • Nothing escapes evolution – stars, moons, animals or people.
  • Homo sapiens continues to evolve; given the extreme difference between the standard mammalian creature called ‘Gorilla’ and the surrealistic perceptions of our intelligence (Smart), H. sapiens is in for a dramatic shift from Gorilla’s needs and environment.
  • The most important point made by the post is that the electrical phenomena we are creating are, in fact, evolution at work. Smart’s environment has little to do with Gorilla’s environment.
  • Readers did not have difficulty with the last part of the post where mariner interviews Smart to provide examples of evolution at work. Ancient Mariner

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