AXIOS published an article this morning that talked about the fact that each of us has fewer friends today than we had in 1990. If one is a baby boomer it would seem so as friends and relatives slowly pass away; apparently there is more to it.

Friendship is a strong influence in our happiness. The term BFF is not a flamboyant term but speaks to residual accountability for support and growth. Among the AXIOS comments is one that says, “Context: This trend is nothing new, of course. Robert Putnam’s bestselling “Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community,” was published in 2000 — 21 years ago.”


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All of a sudden mariner is again flooded with phony political polls that actually are fund raisers. Mariner doesn’t respond to these ‘national’ fund raising organizations because he believes they shouldn’t exist in the first place. Fund raising should be limited to the district covered by the election. A lot of graft and plutocracy would disappear. Sorry, shouldn’t lament over and over. Damned electorate.

Ancient Mariner

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