Being a viable shut-in is a skill. Mariner has counted his toes, his nose, his hose and his clothes. He would count the blades of grass but they have six inches of snow on them. Mariner even has cleaned his study, discovering long lost papers, photographs and memorabilia from childhood.

Sad to say, television is inadequate as a source of entertainment. Mariner is certain DISH is charging too much for reruns, reruns of reruns, product shows and B-grade new stuff when something new occurs. Donald is not allowed on Mariner’s TV. He has turned to Netflix, primarily watching hobby shows and game shows – which have run their course. One must exclude PBS from the rest; shows like Nova and Frontline often have excellent content.

Being shut in without even one arcane sports event should be the subject of a lawsuit. There is one Spanish language station that shows soccer twenty-four hours a day. ¡Ay caramba! It is a form of torture after ten hours.

The world experience today is in such disarray that mariner finds himself being redundant in his subject matter and often deriding his mortal enemy, the electorate. He grows tired of spitting into an indifferent ocean. This circumstance, along with same-ol same-ol news leaves little to say.

Mariner, in a problem solving session with his alter egos, has decided to write a book as a curative to being pissed off at the world. He still will write posts that may be a bit more prospective and hopefully insightful. When one writes a book, one is always right.

It doesn’t matter if it’s never finished or ever published. It’s a better pastime than counting toes.

Ancient Mariner


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