The issue is the precarious balance of democracy in the world’s most noted democracy. Serious, lengthy articles are beginning to appear in several web news and print sources led by an Atlantic Magazine article written by Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former U.S. senator and secretary of state and Dan Schwerin, a co-founder of Evergreen Strategy Group. He served in the White House and the State Department. Here an opening paragraph:

“The scope of that wider struggle was on vivid display on February 4. In Beijing, the world’s two most powerful autocrats—Putin and China’s Xi Jinping—cemented their deepening alliance. In the United States, where American leaders should have been unified in championing democracy against these aggressive adversaries, the opposite happened: The Republican National Committee formally declared the violent insurrection of January 6, 2021, to be “legitimate political discourse.”

That the Republican Party continues their irrational support of Trumpian autocracy should warn the electorate about attacks on the way the United States operates. The Republican Party has not dropped Donald but has embraced him for the 2024 election. Ten states have shifted power over elections to partisan agencies. Gerrymandering continues to rob citizens of the principle ‘one person, one vote’. The IRS has been stripped of employees to the extent the agency can’t afford to investigate the complex returns of the oligarchy. Under the guise of budget, the US Post Office pulled hundreds of mailboxes off the street during the 2020 election. During this century both political parties have failed to protect the average citizen from venture capitalists who have destroyed thousands of low income homes so that expensive apartments and businesses have space to build. Children are open targets for murder because gun laws have been quashed. For the past fifty years the culture of police departments has shifted from a peacekeeping force to a military force.

The health industry continues to limit the number of doctors that can complete studies each year. Pharmacies are charging Americans four to ten times what they charge other nations. The oil industry has essentially shut down climate change intentions. And on and on . . .

Let’s face it. The United States is broken. Not only is it broken, autocratic interests are intent on taking the nation down for good.

Not since the Civil War has each and every vote been so critical to save the principles of a free democracy.

Ancient Mariner

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