Are You Willing to have sex to pay for Education?

Sharyl Attkisson is an independent, somewhat conservative news journalist. She covers stories that are one step away from “Big News” stories that often are more telling than splashy headlines. Attkisson uncovered a situation affecting college students – particularly women.[1] It turns out there is a dating service that doesn’t advertise on television called “Sugar Daddy University.”

College students of both sexes (but one can imagine that the great majority are women – our daughters) who are desperate to pay their bills. Not necessarily tuition directly but fees, add-on costs, additional book fees, Lab fees, parking fees – over $800/month at New York University – etc. all of which are a pay-as-you-go economy. Students interviewed said it wasn’t really a pay for sex arrangement although if you consented, sex pays better.

What does this make our Congress? Pimps? The Congress refuses to assist any form of education or issue regulations or raise taxes to address the fact that students must pay $35 – $80 thousand dollars to obtain a college degree which, according to those who look at the future, is mandatory if our children will be eligible for decent paying jobs.

Even overlooking Congress-sanctioned prostitution, if the US has a prayer of being a leading power in twenty years, the key is education. Congress is not only immoral, it is stupid.

Friends, a 1985 Congress just won’t cut it any more. You all have your good ol’ buddy Congressmen that you’ve voted for all your life but that good ol’ boy is killing us far more than Donald is. When you vote, vote restricted only to fixing one issue; that keeps you from being distracted. And give serious consideration to the candidate’s age. Mariner is an ol’ codger himself. He knows if you grew up before students were shot and killed by the National Guard at Kent State University (1971), you have no idea what’s happening today.

Ancient Mariner

[1] See for the full story of broken and abused budgets in colleges.

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