A warp in time

Tonight an hour disappears from this day as we set our clocks for DST. Well, not really; it’s more like just changing one’s socks – a different look, same old feet. For gardeners, changing the clock is celebrated similar to Groundhog Day; it is a harbinger of sorts but really doesn’t guarantee anything.

Still, mariner spent some time today planting Echinacea seed trays and puttering among the pots, planning to have a pot display this year. Already up and leafing out is the lettuce row under the grow-lights in the shed. NOAA predicts this is the first week with solid temperatures above 55. Mariner may be able to build a new raised bed.

It’s hard for an old codger to crank up stiff old muscles and weary bones. The winter’s hibernation takes more of a toll every year. But just like a bear rising from the den, it’s good to stretch and rejoin Nature’s world. He refreshed the bird feeders and was pleased to see a Red-Bellied Woodpecker hammering on the suet block.

It still is early to get into full gear. The ground is covered in old snow turned to ice and even if it all melted the water table would be two inches above the grass.

Mariner’s son sent him a fascinating talk by Peter Zeihan, an author and speaker who has broad views about how this hodgepodge world will turn out. Zeihan is a theorist and has done a lot of homework to paint a picture of the power shifts, economics and population changes that will actually drive the world to its future. Zeihan also painted a very interesting picture of Mexico, suggesting they may have the attention of the US more than we may think.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0CQsifJrMc

Mariner hopes that the reader has an alternative reality of some kind to escape from this terrible, humanized planet.

Wake up early tomorrow!

Ancient Mariner

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