A Recipe for Progress

Feeds 350 million – Let rise for 30 years.

Add 50 states:

AXIOS – “States are responsible for many of the laws with the greatest direct impact on people’s daily lives. Republicans control 30 state legislatures and the GOP has the trifecta — the governorship, state House and state Senate control — in 23 states, while Democrats do in 15.”

Blend with gerrymandering to maximize representatives in the House of Representatives.

Toss in a Constitutionally mandated representation of 2 senators from each state regardless of population. (Wyoming, the least populated state with 581,075 citizens, has two senators; California, with 39,512,223 citizens, has two senators).

Divide into two halves representing the 20th century and the 21st century. Using Covid, throw away the half representing the 20th century.


Herbs and Spices

Do not use antitrust – especially with the technology sector.

Use taxation sparingly if at all.

To increase hot spiciness, divide two political parties into four.

To add an aged flavor, do not enact a term limits act.

Do not add new concepts of education; it will confuse the older generations.

Ask China to economically control South America.

To prevent too much rising, avoid supply economics.

Continually agitate while baking. For a topping, use China’s Artificial Intelligence global network.


Good Luck, Zees.[1]

Ancient Mariner



[1] Generation Z, born from 1997 to 2012

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