֎ Wiley hit a home run with this one:

             Mariner is reminded of the analogy of a pig wearing lipstick. Modern humans are proud of their lipstick, but they are still pigs.

֎ Here’s a no-brainer for mariner’s intelligent readership:

Why is this number unique?   8,549,176,320

֎ Amazon surely noticed that the Chinese were using balloons. Do you think they may start deliveries with balloons rather than quadcopters? That may be cheaper than building quadcopters. The future of storefront shopping is becoming clear: driverless wheeled boxes on the streets, quadcopters buzzing people and balloons blocking the view of traffic. Then there’s the delivery people in trucks, cars, bikes, scooters and motorbikes. Who needs Disneyland?

How do you feel about a female Pope? Many early religions had female gods in charge, e.g., Cybele. Under any circumstances, can the Christian religion come back?

Ancient Mariner

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