Democratic Debates – 1

Mariner watched the democratic debates tonight, the first of two to cover all the candidates. Mariner is eager to see the viewer ratings. Likely, most citizens did not want to suffer pontification for two hours plus analysis for another two hours. Nevertheless, this is everyone’s job as a citizen in a democracy. Voting is the single most important responsibility for every citizen. These electoral activities are how the voter learns who is who and what they represent.

Mariner was impressed with the honesty of the candidates. It is refreshing to hear positive contributions to the reality of the US in this moment of history. It was refreshing not to hear rebuttals to Donald – a psychological need of Donald always to be the topic of the airwaves regardless of logic, truth, contribution or value.

It is obvious that the Democratic Party has moved to the left to deal with issues, if not caused by Reaganism, that are radical and never experienced until the 21st century.

It was good to hear that new candidates to office are aware of climate change as a world-shaking reality that will alter every nation’s role around the world.

There was a small tribute to the role of unions. Mariner felt it was an old world view. If unions are to play a representative role in the future, they must not be a club of members but a partner in the shape of corporate accountability to the citizenry.

Mariner agrees with MSNBC that Julián Castro, among the ‘other language’ candidates, made a good case for his continued candidacy. Other than that, Elizabeth Warren held her own to pursue another day.

Tomorrow, it is another debate with four campaign leaders on the stage.

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