Mariner’s Fantasy

It is interesting that no one in the organized world knew there was a North and South America. Then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, both were discovered by a western world of Christian white people. Their new toy of land riches, etc., was taken from the natives with brutal force, genocide, property theft and a prejudice against the color of the indigenous peoples – what is called today Eskimo, Native American, Latino, brown, Mexican, Puerto Rican and South American. A prejudice that remains strong today.

So much for Christian doctrine.

Leaping forward over centuries, South America still remains a second class continent. China is dabbling in debt-sensitive trade with several South American dictatorships that are struggling but China’s motives are to control the economy and resources without regard for the national interests of these nations. Oil, reversed growing seasons and lumber, along with some important minerals, have kept South America civilized but the Northern Hemisphere remains the center of power and commerce in 2022.

The enemy of progress for both continents is racial prejudice. The embers of those violent years of discovery remain smoking today. That prejudice is still held by that same race of Christians that stole their world from them. Talk about the need for reparation!

In today’s world, the Northern Hemisphere is old and frazzled. New technology has made traditional politics irrelevant. Over the centuries the Northern Hemisphere has consumed its resources to the point that capitalist nations are socially stressed and authoritarian nations are failing except for the oligarchy.

Before it is too late, mariner’s fantasy must begin. Imagine the power of a United Continents of America. Imagine an economy that stretches from Wainwright on the Arctic Sea to Tierra del Fuego on the Drake Passage; an economy using the same currency and modern trading concepts that unify nations as partners and not as competitors.

Instead of immigration brutality at our border, pay the tickets for the brown people to go back to their country and help them establish a shared economy that will eliminate massive immigration in the first place.

Mariner fantasizes.

Ancient Mariner

2 thoughts on “Mariner’s Fantasy

  1. That would require white folks to recognize people who look different from them as equals – something that won’t happen in our lifetimes. On the plus side, as more and more immigrants come to our country and as the white folks as a percentage of the population dwindles, perhaps our society can embrace the idea that we are all in this together.

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