Back by insistent demand

There’s nothing left to say about the world. It is on a roll that cannot be deterred. Mariner is reminded of the old song “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, a Frankie Lane hit. Humans have joined the chase for the Devil’s herd.

Nevertheless, his wife insists that he continue to write a blog. Mariner suspects she already senses his intellectual demise and that to continue to write will ease that demise a bit. He told her his readers already know he is demented.

He has no idea what to write about . . . . . Here’s a thought: Mariner was reminded of an old rock and roll hit by Frankie Lane. What are the significant songs in your life? What song reminds you of that first crush, that first infatuation when the reader was just a young teenager? Mariner bets you can sing the entire lyric.

List three songs that make you feel at ease and oblivious to the world.

Name two popular singers that have superior skill at singing; think big timers like Michael Crawford, Elvis Gospel, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

Name a song that provides spiritual insight that has remained part of your conscious mind over the years.

Name the one song that makes you most melancholy.

Name the song that lifts your energy and feelings of good times – maybe even breaking into dance.

Name the one song that makes you stop what you are doing and join the song. Mariner admits that any of Fats Domino’s hard downbeat arrangements are distracting no matter what mariner is doing.

Music is magic, kind of a metaverse.

So have at it folks; this is as intellectual as it gets.

Ancient Mariner


3 thoughts on “Back by insistent demand

  1. A nice exercise. Not in any particular order.
    The Rose of Tralee (I love the melody of this song)
    Hail, the Conquering Hero Comes (Handel. I once burst into tears at hearing this song)
    All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
    How Firm a Foundation
    Calon Lan (Welsh)
    Have I told you Lately that I love You.
    The Wayward Wind
    Wooden Heart (Elvis; but based on the Swabian folk song Muss I Denn)
    I like several national anthems: New Zealand (especially as sung by Haylie Westenra), Star Spangled Banner, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Wales)
    More than you wanted, I know, but I got carried away.

  2. 3 songs – Grandpa was a Carpenter – John Prine
    Rikki Don’t Lose That Number – Steely Dan
    Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones
    2 popular singers – Linda Ronstadt, Robert Palmer
    1 song of spiritual insight – Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
    1 song of melancholy – Sloe Gin – Joe Bonamassa
    1 song that makes one want to dance – You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
    1 song that makes me want to stop what I’m doing – Spirit of the Radio – Rush

    Thanks for letting me play! I’m sure there are some “Lovely Parting Gifts”.

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