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The mariner is concerned that some readers passed on the post about oligarchy. Philosophically and pragmatically, oligarchy is a nemesis to democracy. The extreme separation of financial class is a dangerous indicator that Americans are losing the right to govern themselves. One need only read the causes of the French Revolution[1] to have an eerie sense of the same thing all over again.

It is not an accident that the republican party is conflicted between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz; it is not an accident that Bernie Sanders has awakened such large numbers of democrats. As the American population moves left,[2] American governments are run by ninety percent incumbent officials – more or less elected for life and representative of a culture long gone from today’s social awareness. Already, the concept of electing representatives of ourselves has disappeared. The major reason is that too many elected officials are tied to bribery by those who can afford to bribe, namely the wealthy class and corporations. That the Supreme Court could envision that money is free speech is a significant indicator that oligarchy is alive and well.

Imagine a government where our representatives could not receive financial support except from the Federal Election Commission. That one change would require those who campaign for office to be more attentive toward their jurisdictions. Turnover may happen often enough that we may not need term limits.

In any case, the next President will be a different kind of leader. The next job for citizens is to elect fresh representatives in Congress – wholesale!

Ancient Mariner


[1] See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causes_of_the_French_Revolution

[2] See: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/01/why-america-is-moving-left/419112/


2 thoughts on “A Government of the People….

  1. The most current example of the oligarchy is the fact that though the popular vote so far is heavily tilted in Bernie’s direction, in terms of delegates who choose the candidate at the convention, Bernie and Hillary are statistically even. The Democratic Party has stacked the deck in Hillary’s favor through the use of “super delegates”. I suspect the nomination will be stolen from the people who voted, in favor of those who run the party, to retain their hands on the reins of political power.
    Not only do I feel marginalized by the economic disparity between the haves and have nots, I now feel violated by the very system that is supposed to provide me an avenue to address the inequities in society.
    Will political revolution be enough? If political revolution is derailed by by those in power, will only armed insurrection suffice?

    • You are right, Marc, that the super delegates are in Hillary’s favor and require Bernie to achieve improbable votes (delegates) in the primaries. Still, Bernie is doing his job. Hillary can’t ignore the Bernie fans when she’s elected – there are too many. Still open to conjecture is whether Hillary, a detail person, is willing to take on the oligarchy issue, a more philosophical issue.


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