The Hero Children

It was Joseph Campbell, an unusually gifted anthropologist and sociologist that described our lives akin to traveling the hero’s path. Our life experience is an experience similar to that of the hero Jason, king of the Argonauts and a prominent influence in Greek mythology. Jason’s life consisted of one challenge after another which required insight and confidence to conquer. Jason famously stayed the course to capture the Golden Fleece – as is our duty as we live through life’s perils.

Everyone is a hero today as the world suffers excruciating change. Similar to Jason’s confrontations as he faced strange societies, monsters and physical challenge, we face new and confusing times at every turn. Will we complete our hero’s journey through to more stable times?

To we who are in the throes of today’s confrontations, stumbling as waves of change crash down upon us, our journey is one of survival. We must hold onto the civilized principles of our heritage. We must survive the monsters of insurrection, greed, fear and injustice. Metaphorically, we are the rowers of Jason’s boat Argo. We must sustain momentum as we sail into the stormy seas of tomorrow. That is our hero’s path.

It is the hero’s path of our children, those born in this troubled century, who must fight the battles, confront strange circumstances and have the wisdom to stay the path, to acquire peace and success at the end, to capture the Golden Fleece.

It is our responsibility to prepare our children for their hero’s path. We must stay afloat as new theories and pressures change our children’s politics, formal education and career; we must care for them lovingly to instill stamina, self-confidence and skill; we must provide a lee from the storms to give them time to prepare; we must put down the threats of terrorism and greed to keep our society afloat.

While we fight mightily to keep some semblance of reality and stability, it is our children who will conquer the monsters and take the world to peaceful shores.

Ancient Mariner


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