Mariner concedes

He understands that within a decade or two a new age will have emerged. The Age of Humanism will be left to history, replaced by a more computer-managed reality. Mariner has made himself eager to participate in the new era.

֎ The sex toy individuals have the right idea. Not that a sex toy would do mariner any good but he will visit the factory to make robot replacements for his friends. Then he will not have to travel all over the country.

֎ For his family he will use the metaverse so that his family can visit in virtual reality. None of the family will be inconvenienced by travel or unnecessary dialogue. Imagine the cost savings by avoiding restaurants and motels. (Will the metaverse charge for space? Likely so if Zuckerberg is still around.)

֎ Mariner is confident that in a few years he will be able to buy a robot pony and a couple of robot hounds.

Mariner now has a firsthand understanding of how Qin Shi Huang, First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, felt when he built the terracotta army.

֎ It may be possible to reenact the aristocratic age of England if the downstairs crowd are robots and won’t bitch because they are overworked and underpaid.

֎ Gardening will be easier on two fronts: a robot gardener and fake plants.

֎ No one will need a car given Zoom and the metaverse.

֎ Regarding his wife, mariner may need to have a conversation. Mariner assumes his friends and family won’t mind if their robot replacements have faces like the Muppets. Evidently the only facial requirement is soulful eyes.

Ancient Mariner

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