Jim Inhofe

In fairness, the mariner stayed awake until 3:00AM to listen to Jim Inhofe (R) Oklahoma Senator on CSPAN1. His presentation was difficult to follow because he spoke in half-sentences. His major defense against climate change, and the impact of the fossil fuel industry on that climate change, boiled down to bits and pieces of hearings in his Committee on Environment and Public Works that provided loopholes in defense of non-action on the part of his committee – even when the testimony was taken out of context as given by those testifying against conservative government policy.

Inhofe’s basic premise is that unless one stops all countries simultaneously from contributing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere , it is useless to pass US legislation because CO2 will not be diminished.

This policy flies in the face of so many international and national legislation and court decisions that the mariner cannot list them all. To name a few countries that are pursuing less CO2 carbon emission, one could name all European countries, all Nordic countries, and many others scattered throughout the world – even Mexico and South Korea. The United Nations, whatever the reader may think of the organization politically, does a good job of monitoring energy production around the world. It is unanimously opposed to current CO2 output and has proposed significant decreases in CO2 by 2020.

It is impossible for every country instantaneously to change its carbon policy. Inhofe knows this is impossible and stands behind the principle that every nation must agree to significant reduction before the US need lift a finger in Congress.

In addition, he stands behind the scientifically unsupported concept that there is no global warming and further, that it is not related to human activity.

Oklahomans not related to fossil fuels, be proud.

Ancient Mariner

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