Big Brother has learned to walk – Don’t let him run

[NPR] Google and its YouTube subsidiary will pay $170 million to settle allegations that YouTube collected personal information from children without their parents’ consent, the Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday.

The companies allegedly collected information of children viewing videos on YouTube by tracking users of channels that are directed at kids. YouTube allegedly failed to notify parents or get their consent, violating laws that protect children’s privacy, according to a complaint filed against the companies by the FTC and the New York attorney general.

YouTube earned millions of dollars by then using this information to target ads to the children, according to the complaint.

Amid the more urgent issues causing confusion in Congress (Donald isn’t confused nor does he care if ,in fact, he knows about the issue) is control over the tech/data industry, which while deeply impacting culture and freedom, gets back row to guns, walls, immigrants, Russian interference, noisy tweets, a herd of democrats and blatant racism. Granted, all these issues cause turbulence in the processes of Constitutional democracy. Still, the most influential issue that will really, really make a different society and is at the center of commerce, corporatism, political power, warfare, privacy and security, and even what a person will wear and eat, is the tech-based future.

The future is being transformed by buzzwords like 5G, cloud, Alexa, facial recognition, GPS, robotic consciousness, AI, super computers and smart phones. Of all the issues mentioned in the last paragraph, which can be compared to thunderstorms, Tech/data is comparable to Noah’s flood. Nothing is free of total redefinition when the buzzwords are in play.

As the campaign season begins, there are three issues that rise above the others:

  • Remove Donald from office.
  • Restructure the US economy to include manufacturing.
  • Establish control over the tech/data industry. The public understands clearly why there must be strict regulations about polluting rivers; the public must understand that strict regulations must keep tech/data from polluting the liberties and individuality of a healthy society.

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