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Internet-based journalists contribute more about the science of the future workplace than television journalists. For example, several journalists have begun to analyze the impact of artificial intelligence on organizational structure, speculating about psychological, sociological and economic concepts. As a group these journalists poo-poo the Zuckerberg view of his metaverse that will replace three-dimensional space in the workplace.

Annie Pearl, Chief Product Officer at Calendly, a platform for building business applications, predicts that transitions will center on three-way efficiency through collaborative dialogue exchanged between IT, end users and product teams. Another theme among journalists is that the biggest loser in new AI-driven businesses is middle management; AI will expedite development and decision making to a near real-time event – no time or need to pass proposals and permissions up and down organizational boundaries. Many teams may not even have a “boss”.

Chris Perrotti, VP of Digital Workplace at LogMeIn, suggests that Generation Zers will have a different perspective on the workplace that diminishes literal definitions about workplace versus remote workplace; whatever works will be what happens. Speed is the new management strategy rather than literal top-down authority.

Generation Zs, born between 1997 and 2012, just now are entering the workforce. Mariner suggests the visions of the new futurists may take 10 – 15 years to emerge from the din we now experience. Nevertheless it is pleasing to see well-grounded intellectual thought beginning to map our new AI future. It is time we silenced money grubbers like Donald and Zuckerberg and looked for new, insightful leadership – including at all levels of government.

As a follow up to mariner’s post about being done with 2021, there are suggestions that don’t sound like the ‘work’ mariner suggested. How about crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, many forms of art, and an endless list of activities that include classification, categorization and even purpose-driven travel – perhaps to see in person the world’s largest ball of string in Branson, Missouri. At the most expensive end of the list is the large RVers who flock to the southern states.

Whatever the distraction, make sure it keeps the reader from suffering the deadly outpouring of 2021 daily news.

Ancient Mariner


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