• Watching the news today is not pleasant. It is wearing as a virulent war wages across civilization, as political collaboration collapses into populist and plutocratic conflict, as millions of families experience […]

  • A stick always has two ends – if it has been broken from its tree. When it is attached to the tree, it is part of a larger presence, something that has evidence of a higher calling as part of nature. It is true t […]

  • Mariner is fortunate that for the moment his financial status is sufficient, his curiosity in social studies has not waned and there are more physical chores than may be achievable in the gardens, home repair and […]

    • With the stay at home mentality required to guarantee our continued existence, we spent a great deal of time on our screened front porch, watching life in the ‘hood. Now that cold weather has arrived, that time well spent together reading and talking about big things and little things will be sorely missed.

  • Many, many years ago mariner knew a woman who was raised deep in the back country of Tennessee. In her forties, she was not literate. Don’t surmise that she was unintelligent or otherwise had shortcomings; a […]

  • Two topics today. First, Amos offers some observations about the election; second, some observations about the roles of nature on the one hand and mariner on the other.

    ֎ The campaign between Donald and Joe […]

  • Mariner hasn’t seen Chicken Little in a while. He doesn’t come out of the henhouse. Inside, he sits trembling and wears a World War I army helmet. By his side are prayer beads, a prayer rug, a few wicks to lig […]

  • Mariner hasn’t written a post recently that goes beyond commentary. Today, he feels the need to provide an educational assist that is absolutely critical to the future happiness of human beings. Three recent d […]

  • Any individual who has poked even a finger into the current of campaign politics has discovered an inundation of fund-raising emails, letters and phone calls from the NATIONAL COMMITTEE (RNC, DNC) of each party. […]

    • When John McCain ran for President in 2000, campaign reform was a predominant plank in his platform. Unfortunately, the Republican party saw that it would put an end to their corporate contributions, so they put their energies and weight behind a candidate who would continue to take money from special interests – George W. Bush.

  • Read these words from this old hymnbook favorite – sing along if you know the melody:

    Life is like a mountain railway

    With an engineer that’s brave

    We must make this run successful

    From the cradle to t […]

  • In 2015 mariner wrote a post that attempted to distract readers from the campaigns of the last Presidential election. He focused on several natural phenomena that make human problems small and irrelevant. One […]

  • Jenga is the name of that game where wooden blocks are stacked one by one to build a narrow tower that grows very high then each player must remove one block at a time without the tower collapsing into a pile of […]

  • A new methodology for electing government representatives is emerging. Eighteen states already have some form of ‘ranked choice voting’ in place. Instead of using ballots that pit party against party, the bal […]

  • skipper commented on the post, On Aging 2 months, 1 week ago

    You are a monument to strength and perseverance despite the meddling of medical science.

  • When mariner was very young, he remembers lots of men had a perpetual toothpick in their mouths. No point to be made; just that he remembers – isn’t that enough for an old man?

    This post may read like self pit […]

    • If you think it is hard to be an old man, try being an old woman! The culture is much less kind to old women, who also have to put up with the youthful fantasies of old men!

    • You are a monument to strength and perseverance despite the meddling of medical science.

    • Who wants to have sex with a pile of lizard skin anyway?

      The secret to aging in later years is keeping oneself busy and feeling productive. Some days I spend just reading. But between teaching,consulting and home repairs I have more than enough to keep me busy. It’s just life at a slower pace for those of us that can’t keep up.

  • Here are a few news clips that have larger implications than one would expect.

    ֎ From Nate Silver’s website the following quote suggests that the economy will rebound to a lower standard of living than be […]

  • Mariner and his wife were having a discussion about the socio-economic cycles of a town. When mariner was in college, he read a book about the relationship between generational lifespan, economic growth and […]

    • It doesn’t seem unreasonable that the age limits for political office should include an end bracket, too, to help ensure that the people in those roles can relate to the current era — and in addition to that, government programs that support and understand the needs of the oldest generations.

  • One of Guru’s grand projections for the last half of this century is a shift from an European world (the West) as the prime influence in culture, economics and development, to one centered around the Pacific and I […]

    • Given the situation in Europe (Alliances crumbling) and the chaos in our own country, I’d have to say the Vladimir Putin is a masterful manipulator. To be blunt, he is winning his war against democracy around the world. The Orange Baboon’s fealty towards him only exacerbates the situation.

  • The frontal lobe is responsible for abstract thinking. It is the youngest and largest region of the human brain located just behind the forehead. While the rest of the brain abides by the normal mammalian genome […]

  • Dear Working Class Trumpers –

    It is understood why you are fed up with government and you elected a disruptive nonpolitician to break things. Break things he did – most of them in the area of citizen fai […]

  • Kudos to Ryan Heath (Politico) for the quote of the week: “Life today is like riding a roller coaster in the dark.”

    – – – –

    In retrospect, it is obvious that it was a terrible cultural shift when bro […]

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