• Mariner is a potential customer for switching from standard electrical hookup to solar. He believes it is one of the major constraints to the use of fossil fuels in the next decade and will be a cost saving […]

    • We installed a 6.6megawatt solar system two years ago as part of our retirement strategy. We figured we were paying for our utility costs upfront while reducing our use of fossil fuels. There were tax advantages as well.

      Our only regret was not doing it sooner.

  • When will he be gone?


     Ancient Mariner


  • If you want to know what the special investigator, Robert Mueller, is investigating, the following article from New Yorker Magazine tells you where he is wandering. The powerful oil industry, long beyond the grasp […]

  • One thing about which every one of every political persuasion can agree is that the United States of America is dysfunctional. Even more critical is the slow but obvious move toward authoritarianism. Today, […]

    • This is good proactive advice. I just got an email from Al Gore asking me to sign a petition about Arctic oil. Done! I would also gladly sign a petition to get the housework done!

  • Daniele Albertazzi and Duncan McDonnell define populism as an ideology that “pits a virtuous and homogeneous people against a set of elites and dangerous ‘others’ who are together depicted as depriving (or […]

  • Excellent metaphor!

  • The phrase, Fullness of Time, is an official term among historians depicting great expectancy in history that goes beyond the norm. Sometimes one waited hundreds of years with expectation as in the 600 years […]

    • We can only hope, like the children of Israel long ago, that a Messiah will come to save us from our dangerous leaders–someone with wisdom, vision and compassion. Someone like Jimmy Carter–who we crucified.

  • It is important to keep the mind flexible – especially as one grows older. The best way to keep the mind flexible is to have an interest that provides continuous learning and insights. It has been said all along t […]

  • Having presented Gar Alperovitz’s idea that if a democracy is to sustain itself in the future, citizens must become personally and physically active in supporting their policy issues – whether local or nat […]

  • Forgive the mixed metaphor but it seems appropriate. The phoenix, burned to an ash, arises to live yet again. In the process, the current status quo will undergo a bit of thrashing about and much will be […]

  • The Art of Giving – I defined the key emotional verbs that underlie gifting[1] as a part of one’s life: sacrifice, sharing and compassion. The Art of Giving – II identified how difficult it is to deploy gifti […]

  • The last post, The Art of Giving, introduced the key elements of giving: sacrifice, sharing and compassion. It is not enough to understand the definition of the three words; the words must be integrated into […]

  • Giving is indeed an art. Few of us cover the art form in its entirety. Each art form, however, provides a different gift to those who give and to those who receive. More often than not, our greatest gift goes […]

  • What follows is the very first post to The Blog of the Ancient Mariner. It was posted on April 5, 2013 at 2:AM. He could write the same post today. These thoughts seem more urgent, more dire than when this post […]

  • Mariner has been pondering the health care issue. As someone once said, it is complex. It is complex because there are many facets to health care. For example, today health is managed as a marketplace rather than […]

  • The mariner deliberately has avoided most of the televised Donald show. One cannot avoid all of it, of course. It has given mariner time to reflect on causes and entropy – the unavoidable erosion of all things a […]

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    What do you mean ‘becoming’?

  • Mariner is a noticer. While watching poor broadcasting content on television, he is prone to dissecting the tiniest elements of advertisements looking for irrelevant but irregular details. The most common error is […]

    • You truly are becoming a grumpy old man. New language, like technology, is passing us by. Legible handwriting and grammar are not important to this generation. While I too am prudish regarding grammar, spelling is my pet peeve. I always tell youngsters ( anyone under the age of 40) that if they can’t spell a word, they can’t use it.

    • Stu and I notice that on TV – both scripted and unscripted – people use incorrect pronouns ALL THE TIME. Things like, “It’s a great opportunity for Ed and I” instead of “Ed and me” and vice versa.

      As for text shorthand, “nmu” took me a minute to decipher the first time I saw it.
      A: What’s up?
      B: nmu

      … Not much. You?

    • Wonderful post! Yes, language rolls on like an unstoppable juggernaut, and we can only look helplessly as sounds change or disappear, treasured idioms disappear and words lose their meanings. I could fill a page with changes that sadden me. One I really dislike is the constant use of “awesome” for trivial things like a new dress or a Big Mac. These are not awesome, Krakatoa blowing up was awesome. The Big Bang was awesome. I also despair when I watch as a final D disappears or becomes T. I head DITN’T all the file for DIDN’T. So, all I can do is try to use words as correctly as I know how and try to add a few good old words like “vouchsafe” and “whom.” The Book of Common prayer and the King James Bible are great places to see the beauties of the English language.

  • Maybe too often mariner addresses circumstances about the future of mankind. Typically, the circumstances are beyond the focus of contemporary politics and culture. Nevertheless, the future presents dilemmas about […]

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    So very slowly, so very, very slowly, notable numbers of H. Sapiens realize that war is horrifically expensive in every measurable way. War kills people and makes hard core enemies that can last for many […]

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