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    What do you mean ‘becoming’?

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    Mariner is a noticer. While watching poor broadcasting content on television, he is prone to dissecting the tiniest elements of advertisements looking for irrelevant but irregular details. The most common error is […]

    • You truly are becoming a grumpy old man. New language, like technology, is passing us by. Legible handwriting and grammar are not important to this generation. While I too am prudish regarding grammar, spelling is my pet peeve. I always tell youngsters ( anyone under the age of 40) that if they can’t spell a word, they can’t use it.

  • Maybe too often mariner addresses circumstances about the future of mankind. Typically, the circumstances are beyond the focus of contemporary politics and culture. Nevertheless, the future presents dilemmas about […]

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    So very slowly, so very, very slowly, notable numbers of H. Sapiens realize that war is horrifically expensive in every measurable way. War kills people and makes hard core enemies that can last for many […]

  • Many years ago, when mariner was learning about world religions, he learned that the land called Turkey today in another time was the origin of virtually every political and religious principal in the western […]

  • Dear Mr. Trump:

    It is hard to steer a boat in stormy seas. The nations of the world, each and every one, are sailing in extraordinarily stormy seas – each and every one including the United States.

    It is e […]

    • No sense sending him a letter. He doesn’t read. Needs to get his security briefing in comic book form.

      We are so screwed. I never thought I would miss W.

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    Ancient has arrived at an intellectual state not unlike running out of gas in the middle of nowhere; or it may be similar to arriving where one intended but there is nothing to be found; or it may be like […]

    • Gird thy loins, Ancient One. Let us be like Sir Andrew Barton;

      “Fight on, my men,” says Sir Andrew Barton,
      “I am hurt, but I am not slain;
      I’ll lay me down and bleed a while,
      And then I’ll rise and fight again.

      Fight on my men,” says Sir Andrew Barton,
      “These English dogs they bite so low;
      Fight on for Scotland and Saint Andrew
      Till you hear my whistle blow!”

      Barton was killed, but he fought a good fight. We have a lot of names to substitute for “English dogs.” I’m not giving up without a fight.

  • Is the state of the US government at an end – the final entropy? Or is it, with the broiling confusion and unrestrained energy of the electorate, a new beginning – the pains of birth?

    As an undercurrent, not […]

  • Something which has not been covered very well by American press is a China initiative (including Russia’s participation) called Belt and Road. The term does not mean much in terms of the objectives. It is C […]

    • I had never read “Annabel Lee” before, or even heard of it. Thank you for the recommendation; it’s lovely.

  • For several reasons including fuel efficiency, more electric vehicles, and the degradation of tax value because of inflation, the fuel tax at the pump may be on its way out. Ready to pay by the mile? Below is an […]

  • Several short notes about extremely important and powerful events.

    Three cheers for the French electorate. Hooray and hooray again! Now if we can influence the Brit electorate to think again about Brexit. […]

  • It seems that racism has been in the news on a regular basis for some time. Pick any starting point – perhaps something obvious like the murders at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Since, there have b […]

    • Good overview of multiple problems. I like the idea that they can be addressed simultaneously–the same way that environmental issues and job creation can be addressed by investing in green solutions.

  • It has taken a few days for mariner to restore his awareness of the major themes of society and world events. Surprisingly, his attention is drawn not to irritating politics or immoral economic behavior or […]

  • Mariner is fortunate to have among the selection from his television network provider several channels from foreign countries. Only occasionally, usually in news coverage, will there be differences in the […]

  • Originally, 15 thousand years or more ago, religion, politics, cultural norms and common behavior among neighbors, all had one source of evaluation – one undeniable power that dictated the rules for ethics, p […]

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    It has been a while since mariner submitted a post. Apologies. When one ages, there are other responsibilities one is obligated to perform. Primarily, health systems are associated with these responsibilities and […]

    • So nice to have you back and good to know you are recovering. Just getting away from the daily garbage that is on TV will make anyone feel so much better. You just have to realize that it is going to be the same negative crap everyday and it is not going to change, it is not going to ever make sense and that it is futile to get involved in it. It will only make you sick, literally. Your time can be better spent on other things that are way more productive and beneficial for you as a whole. The news media does not seem to be a reliable and trustworthy source for news anymore. Probably because the news makers themselves are unreliable and not trustworthy and make no sense either. So why bother with any of it. You’ll feel so much better without them in your daily life. I have been without TV for nearly a year now and I feel great and do no think I am missing anything. I just know it is all becoming so strange and just hope it ends soon. Now is a good time to learn and do all those things you were going to do if you ever had time. Personally I took ukulele lessons for the last three months and it has been wonderful and way more fun than watching the boob tube!

  • There is only one species on Planet Earth: Rocks.
    Born in violent conflict
    Tempered by fire
    Riding through the Universe
    Afraid of nothing
    Nurtured by its planet.

    Ancient Mariner will be back soon.


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    From the Atlantic:

    A President’s Self-Evaluation: In his Time interview, Trump brushed aside criticism that he doesn’t always adhere to facts and evidence: “I’m a very instinctual person, but my instinct […]

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    Trust me, Robert. Dry Rot is virtually invisible and is insidious. That’s the tricky thing about it; everything still looks normal and appears to be working fine. A book collection may be full of information that promotes growth, newness and vitality. Then one discovers it’s just a piece of plywood with spine covers attached.
    The path to…[Read more]

  • The late winter weather in Iowa has been exceedingly warm. Consequently, many fruiting and ornamental trees have started to waken much too early and are subject to damage if the temperature drops to normal levels […]

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